DP TRAINING CENTRE PIP Semarang is the first Indonesia’s training centre which has been accredited by Nautical Institute, UK on Aug'2016. The centre is equipped with ARI DP simulator system for both Induction and Simulator courses. DPTC PIP Semarang is dedicated to deliver and develop the industries 'best practices' standards. Our DP Training is at par with international standards and is open to all nationalities.

Upon completion of training, the candidate will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the principle of dynamic positioning system.
  • Setup and operate dynamic positioning & dynamic positioning related equipments.
  • Recognise the various alarms and warnings related to various sub systems i.e powerplant, position reference, communications & so on.
  • Relate to DP operations, the limited conditions presented by wind, seas, current, tides and vessel movements. (capability plots and footprint plot)
  • Practice the setting up and monitoring of DP system.

Mission :

  • Give the best training in Dynamic Positioning Field Create and make the best Qualified and responsible DP officer

Vision :

  • Leader and leading the best DP training centre in Indonesia Become the benchmark for DP Training Centre in Indonesia