Dynamic Positioning Inductions Course

Every week from Monday - Friday

Information :

This course is the first phase of the certification process approved by The Nautical Institute (UK).

Requirements :

  1. Original COC (Minimum qualification is set at STCW Regulation II/1 – II/2 – II/3 Deck, Regulation III/1 – III/2 – III/3 Engine and Regulation III/6 for ETO) or Officer Trainees (Cadet or ratings on a defined training programme).
  2. Original CDC / Seaman’s Book.
  3. Original valid passport.
  4. 3 x 4 size color Photograph (3 pcs).
  5. Original transfer payment for course fee.

Objectives :

  1. Impart knowledge of dynamic positioning (DP), inter-alia, the related practical use of DP and th systems limitations.
  2. Adequate training on operation of DP Systems, PRS and the recognition of alarms and warninigs.
  3. The importance of position reference systems, their limitations and related control systems including PMS.
  4. The effect of wind, sea, current, tides and vessels movement relative to DP operations (capability plots and footprints).
  5. Candidates who are willing to change over from Main Fleet to Offshore, will gain knowledge as to the working of offshore industry as well type of vessels involved with Offshore industry & use of DP systems on Offshore vessels, in addition, use of DP system on Cruise vessels, container vessels, shuttle tankers & FPSO's.
  6. The participants will further learn the operational procedures, Rules and Regulations that are required by offshore industry on DP Vessels.

Course Duration :

Course duration for DP Induction Course is 5 days.

Course Content :

This course will be based on teaching imparted on a state-of-the art DP system. The curriculum will be based on participants adopting different roles and train on varied simulation exercises including planning, communication, awareness, anticipation & execution. The curriculum will provide insights into the practical aspects of DP operation by practical training involving the following:

  1. Case study on accidents and incidents on DP vessels.
  2. Chart work & planning on UTM charts.
  3. Prepare model assignments on DP projects including contingency operations.
  4. Learn and apply DP applications on other offshore vessels.
  5. Participate in simulated DP operations.


Pricing for DP Induction Course (Includes Handbook, DP Logbook, and meals during training) : IDR 25.000.000 (Indonesian Passport) / USD 1,900 (Non Indonesian Passport)