Competent Instructor

Have competent instructors and have appropriate competencies

Offline Classes

face to face learning with proper simulator equipment

Book Library

has a library room for independent study

At the end of the course the student should;

  1. Knowledge of the DP system and additional equipment and instruments,
  2. Situational awareness,
  3. Communication and teamwork skills,
  4. Ability to analyse trends and pre-empt problems before they arise,
  5. Ability to evaluate and respond to alarms, faults and emergencies with calm, reason and confidence, and
  6. Ability to complete such administrative and safety-related procedures as completing checklists, filling in logs and performing thorough watch handovers.



The practical assessment must be done individually. The practical assessment shall include the following items which the student must pass to be awarded a certificate of completion for the Revalidation Course:

5.    Complete a DP Checklist
6.    et up the vessel on DP
7.    Move the vessel from setup position to a worksite
8.    Deal with a system/sensor/thruster failure or environmental change (at least two)

The student must pass all the four items listed above.
Online Assessment : The online assessment will consist of 30 questions and shall be completed in one hour with a pass mark of 70%. Students who fail the first attempt are allowed to have another two attempts within six months of the first attempt; however, the second attempt must be undertaken within 96 hours of the first attempt. If the student fails these three attempts, then the student


The minimum entry requirement is a DPO Certificate issued by the NI. The original DPO Certificate should be presented at the DP Centre where the Revalidation Course is completed.

The Dp Refresher And Competency Assessment Course may be completed up to six months before the revalidation date set by the NI. The course will be valid for a period of 12 months only, in which the DPO must send in an application into the NI.
DPO with 150 DP days or more sea time will need to :
DPO with 30 days or more DP Sea-time



DP Revalidation Course duration: 5(five) days, start from Monday to Friday at 08.30 – 17.30


4 Participants


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