Competent Instructor

Have competent instructors and have appropriate competencies

Offline Classes

face to face learning with proper simulator equipment

Book Library

has a library room for independent study


Upon completion of this course the trainee will be able to:

  1. Carry out operational planning, risk assessment and hazard identification tasks
  2. Set up the DP system for a particular task
  3. Operate the communications
  4. Analyse the trends
  5. Discuss systems failures
  6. Decide on courses of action because of systems failures
  7. React to alarms and printer readout
  8. Initiate DP Alert status alarms
  9. React to all events occurring
  10. Operate the desk under normal and pressured conditions
  11. Practice effective teamwork
  12. Apply the lessons learned to date.
  13. ASOGs



Practical Assessment : Students will be evaluated for DP practical skills asessment as per  DP Set-up Practical Assessment Skill Form and student must pass every item listed in this to be successful. If student does not pass this DP Set-up Practical Evaluation they must repeat the Simulator Course.


Online Assessment : The online assessment will consist of 30 questions and shall be completed in one hour with a pass mark of 70%. Students who fail the first attempt are allowed to have another two attempts within six months of the first attempt; however, the second attempt must be undertaken within 96 hours of the first attempt. If the student fails these three attempts, then the student is required to repeat the Simulator Course and undertake the assessment again.



The course is a key element of the DPO training programme.  As such participants will have completed the Induction Course and gained the specified experience before enrolment.

60 DP sea time days are required for Phase B. These should be completed on a DP classed vessel and be stamped and signed in the logbook by the master of the vessel. This time must be completed after the DP Induction Course. A minimum of two hours per day can be counted as a DP day.

During these 60 DP sea time days, all items in the Task sections of the logbook must also be completed. The applicant will not be permitted to attend the DP Simulator Course until all tasks have been completed.



DP Simulator Course duration: 5(five) days, start from Monday to Friday at 08.30 – 17.30



4 Participants



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